About Us

Alchemy-Spetec Soil Stabilization Contractors

What We Do

Your best chance of solving leak seal, soil stabilization and slab lifting problems is to arm yourself with the most reliable products and experienced tech support the industry can offer. In today’s demanding economy, getting all this at a competitive price is essential.

Alchemy-Spetec polyurethane resins are designed by people who’ve worked in the field and know how much you depend on your material. This same on-the-job experience allows us to offer you unparalleled technical support. Alchemy-Spetec is 100% focused on providing the most powerful polymers, painless procedures and rapid results to contractors, engineers and municipalities.

Who We Are

Alchemy-Spetec President Stephen C. Barton has been at the forefront of the concrete repair industry for over 30 years. Running leak seal crews in his teens, developing breakthrough polyurethane technology in his twenties and helping grow the market ever since, Mr. Barton has been a leader in the field for most of his life. Every employee in production, R&D, support and even marketing is carefully selected to insure years of pre-existing experience in the realm of infrastructure repair and rehabilitation.