Air Compressor Systems

Gas-Driven Air Compressors to Power Your Lifting or Spraying Rig

The FS Curtis series of air compressors are the go to choice for powering your PMC drum pumps and air powered proportioners. Dedicated to their customers, this brand name of gas driven air compressors is synonymous with legendary reliability.

DA Modular Compressed Air Dryers (for use with PMC Proportioners)

FS-Curtis-DA-Modular-Compressed-Air-Dryer DA modular dryer offers economy minded compressed air users a simple and effective no-nonsense approach to dry compressed air. Great for use with any type of compressor including piston, scroll, rotary vane or rotary screw technologies. The ability to function with inlet temperatures to 150’F makes it ideal for use with tank mounted reciprocating air compressors that lack an aftercooler.
Key Features:

    • 150’F maximum inlet temperature
    • Environmentally friendly, uses no refrigerant
    • Lowest operational and maintenance cost of any regenerative air dryer
    • Operates uninterrupted in dirty or dusty environments
    • Easy installation (universal wall or compressor mounting brackets) in a compact and expandable system

Alternative to a high inlet temperature refrigerated dryer

  • Molecular sieve dessicant in easy spin-on canisters
  • Particulate afterfilter built into the canisters

CA Series Gas-driven Air Compressor

FS-Curtis-CA-Series-Gas-Driven air compressorCA Series gas-driven air compressor systems are built to last. Components are selected based on durability and performance, ensuring that your CA Series dry air compressor delivers reliable performance in demanding applications. Precision-machined components and a dedication to materials of construction that are meant for real world working conditions further assure long-term durability.

HP Model Basic Pump CFM @ 175 PSI Engine Tank 
Length Width Height Weight
13.0 CA13-H E57 22 Honda 30 in. 50 in. 24 in. 50 in. 460 lbs
14.0 CA14-K E57 22.5 Kohler 30 in. 50 in. 24 in. 50 in. 486 lbs

SEG Series 5-15 HP Dry Air Compressor

FS-Curtis-SEG-Series-5-15-HP Rotary Screw Stable air pressure, steady airflow, and quieter, continuous-duty operation are just a few of the advantages you get with FS-Curtis rotary screw compressors. These smart, compact units also offer better air quality with less oil carryover than reciprocating models. Simple controls and diagnostics make them easy to use and service, too. It all adds up to an extremely reliable machine that can run 100% continuous duty, delivering more airflow and better efficiency in a space-saving design — making the SEG Series ideal for automotive, light industrial and other applications that require reliable performance in demanding conditions.

Technical Data – US Customary:

Model Pressure FAD Power Noise Level Dimensions Weight
psig cfm HP dB(A) L × W × H in Lbs
SEG5 100 19.4 5 65
tank mounted
tank mounted
125 18.5
150 14.1
175 12.4
SEG7.5 100 30.0 7.5 65
tank mounted
tank mounted
125 28.3
150 24.7
175 19.1
SEG10 100 41.7 10 69
tank mounted
tank mounted
125 38.2
150 33.6
175 28.3
SEG15 100 58.3 15 69
tank mounted
tank mounted
125 54.0
150 49.5
175 42.7

Noise Level: according to PN8NTC2.3 [±3dB(A)]

Technical data is subject to change without notice.


Alchemy-Spetec is a proud distributor of FS-Curtis dry air compressors and equipment.  If you would like more information on FS-Curtis systems and accessories before purchasing, please call us at 404-618-0438 or visit their website at