Slab Lifting & Foam Jacking Equipment

MixMaster Pro Slab Lifting Gun








Two-component resin injection foam jacking gun manufactured specifically for lifting concrete slabs. Equipment designed to handle back-pressure.

Button Head Fittings

Button head grease fittings are designed for high volume flow of lubricant and provide a smooth working surface for easy coupler engagement & removal.


For injection of chemical grouts into stable or deteriorating concrete. Ideal foam jacking equipment for professional results.


Provides airtight seal when using with packers or hammer-in ports.

AP Flushes & Soaks

AP Flush 121
High performance pump flush that is friendly to the environment and does an excellent job flushing out injection pumps.  (Read more…)

AP Flush 125
Water based gun flush specifically used for flushing out the MixMaster impingement gun. Also used to protect concrete from resin stains. (Read more…)

AP Soak 130
Cleans cured resin from metal components.  (Read more…)