AP Lift 475: High Density Polyurethane Foam

Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Foam for Slab Lifting & Soil Stabilization

AP Lift 475 Compaction Grouting Foam

AP 475 Compaction Grouting PDF AP Lift 475 Compaction Grouting SDS

Two component, structural polyurethane foam.


Among the leading high density polyurethane foam products available, AP Lift 475 offers a powerful solution that is traffic ready in 15 minutes. This two-component, high-strength, high-density, hydro-insensitive structural polyurethane foam supports 14,000 lbs per square foot. Also see our AP Soil 600 for Permeation Grouting.


  • Stabilizing soil.
  • Compaction grouting and fracture grouting.
  • Lifting and filling voids under concrete slabs.
  • Sinkhole remediation.
  • Wet compaction grouting and void filling


  • High strength.
  • Low viscosity.
  • Works in wet environments – displaces water.
  • Bonds with soil and concrete.
  • Traffic ready in 15 minutes.
  • Closed cell compaction grout.
  • Certified To NSF 61-5 (approved for contact with drinking water).

Available in Drums

100 gallon Compaction Grout

Available in Totes

500 Gallon compaction grout



Apply this compaction grouting foam with two-component proportioner with material heaters, heated hoses and impingement style gun. Call our tech service department for details.